Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

The absolute aim of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is to improve the lives of deaf people through the selection, training and placement of specially trained dogs.  The dogs are taught to touch their recipient when they hear a sound and lead to the source of that sound, e.g. doorbell, cooker timer, baby cry etc.  The only sound the dog does not lead to is the smoke alarm, when it will touch and then lie down to indicate danger.  The dogs help recipients lead a less stressful life, gain independence and confidence.  They also provide companionship and a sense of security.  No longer the need to wait by the window for the expected tradesman in case his knock is not heard. No longer the anxiety of oversleeping in the mornings or of not hearing the baby cry. The dog will alert the deaf person to all of these sounds and many more.

At Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Guernsey Branch, we promote awareness of the work of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and awareness of deafness in general.

Our objective is to raise funds to help the Training Centre train dogs so in effect the money raised returns to the Island in the form of a dog when one is applied for.  Any applicant within the Bailiwick of Guernsey, who meets the required criteria, can benefit from one of these amazing dogs, free of charge, helped by the generous support of the Guernsey people.  

Donations large and small are very welcome.  Exclusive sponsorship is an alternative way of helping.  A Hearing Dog can be sponsored for £35,000.  There is also the option to become a joint sponsor, as part of a multi-sponsorship scheme.

Our activities include social meetings and fundraising events.  We also have a charity stall at events such as the Donkey Derby and GSPCA Fun Day.

Our official speakers, who are also recipients of a Hearing Dog, are happy to be invited, accompanied by their dogs, to talk to groups, schools, organisations and individuals who would like more information about the Charity, the work of Hearing Dogs and the difference these amazing dogs make to the lives of Deaf people. 

Anyone requiring further information about the charity can contact the Committee using the details below:


  • Chairperson: Susan Walder - 243063
  • Treasurer: Sarah Brown - 07781 108930
  • Secretary: Owen Allen - 247561


  • Dawn Leigh-Morgan 
  • Edwina Brazier
  • Martin Searle